2023 Far East Throwdown:
Community Event

The Community Event was created for everyone! 

This is your chance to put your fitness to the test and win some prizes along the way!


The 2023 Far East Throwdown Community Event begins with 4 online events. One event per month will be released from January till April. Participants will have the entire month to complete and upload their scores. 
Those who complete ALL 4 online events and rank in the top 20 of the leaderboard will have the chance to compete in person at the final event!

The 5th and final event will happen in person at the Far East Throwdown on the main competition floor!

💪  Men/Women ages 18+. 

All skill levels welcome! A basic understanding of CrossFit is recommended.

👌  Underaged participants are able to register with the written consent of parents/ guardians. 

All minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian as well.

 This event is for the individuals only.

Online Qualifiers

January - April 2023

The 2023 Community Event begins with 4 Online Events. One event per month will be released, with a special theme.

  • On the first of each listed month, the details of each event will be released via the LinkCoach App. Each participant will have till the last day of that month to upload their score to the LinkCoach App.

  • After score submissions and reviews the finalized leaderboard will be updated on the 10th of each month.

Main Event

June 2-4, 2023

The Main Event is set to take place at the Far East Throwdown Semifinal on June 2-4, 2023.

The Community Main Event will take place after all divisions of the Semifinal Competition has finished. Please note there may be delays due to the nature of in person competitions.


This event can only be applied through the mobile app ‘Link Coach’.


How to apply to Community Event

Download LinkCoach App
(App Store/Google Play)

Sign up

Click ‘23 FET: Community Event’ 
on the Event tab



All 4 Qualifying events will take place online.

All participants must download the LinkCoach mobile app.
All registration fees must be paid in full for your score submission to count.

The Main Event takes place on the Semifinal competition floor, using the same equipment and space as the Semifinal athletes. The stage is set for you!

Registration Fee

There are 4 online events. 
Each participant may PICK & CHOOSE (pay per event) which events they would like to enter, OR, register for ALL 4.

* In order to qualify for the main event, 
you must register for ALL 4.


1st place gets 500,000(KRW) on each month’s online event!
Even bigger prize for the final winner of the Community Event.
Time to get heated!

Don’t be disappointed!
There will be tons of gifts for the Crossfit lovers out there. 

✔️ Lucky draw events are ready for participants regardless of your ranking.

✔️ The more participants, the bigger the prize gets. 
(Spread the words for Community Event! 😉)